Carpet Cleaning in Battersea

Carpet Cleaning

Every living creature has some basic needs, one of which is clean air. We can't control what we breathe when we are outdoors, but can take care of the indoor condition. Ensuring clean and fresh air at home includes not only everyday airing, but also regular cleaning of all "dust-holders" such as carpets, sofas, curtains, and any furniture surface. Carpet cleaning should be conducted at least once a year, if your carpets are not scotchgarded, and once in 3 years, if they are covered with fabric protector. We are established providers of professional carpet cleaning in Battersea SW11, eliminating dust and allergens in your homes. Your carpet could trap enormous amount of irritants, germs and dirt, hidden inside the pile. Our job is to clean those with no residue.

Give us a call on 020 8114 9201 or send us a request, we are at your disposal 7 days a week for thorough cleaning.

  • Professional carpet cleaning
  • Hot water extraction "steam" method
  • Dry organic cleaning
  • Fast drying times
  • Eliminating bacteria and dust mites
  • Scotchgard application available
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Carpet cleaning is unavoidable part of keeping your home clean. Properly maintained carpeting has longer lifespan and considerably improves the appearance of the room. We are equipped and ready to perform deep carpet cleaning in Battersea SW11, whether just a room or the whole house required. Your carpets serve as aesthetically pleasing item, so we restore them to the look when they were bought, fresh and bright. We incorporate new technologies, soon as they come available, thus improving our services and enhancing our quality. Consider your problems solved, on top and in depth, we will clean your carpeting at unbeatable prices.

We perform all of our services with a strong focus on healthy cleaning. Our carpet cleaning in Battersea will remove the harmful dust mites and cockroach infestations, that spread in your home invisibly. You can inhale the microscopic particles without even knowing it, and later feel it in a form of disease, such as asthma, allergy, eczema. We fight the tiny intruders exposing them to their lethal temperatures. Our hot water extraction system, known also as steam carpet cleaning system, applies combination of more than 120 °C really hot water, appropriate detergent, high pressure and high-powered vacuum. As an alternative for delicate fabrics, we provide dry carpet cleaning, performed with specially tailored powder. Both methods are highly effective and would make your home safe, hygienically clean place.

Call today on 020 8114 9201 or or email us your enquiry and order our premium services.

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"Your team was great at the Pre- Tenancy yesterday. I couldn't believe my eyes when I went to check the results! There was no trace of the dirt and grease. Not to mention the carpets..looks like brand new! "

Thomas, Kingston - End of tenancy Cleaning London

"Many thanks for the service - I will recommend your spring clean to anyone."

Mika, Chelsea - One Off Cleaning London

"Our dog pee on the bedroom carpet and it smelled really horrible but your guys did a great job and there is no trace of the smell now - thank you for that!"

Amit, Paddington - Carpet Cleaning London

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